A Summer in Nanjing
Fiction Film, 2008-2009, China
He Nanjing, a bus driver and his wife, Wei Li, were suffered from infertility. The stress from surrounding has influenced their marriage. The couple decided to live apart for a while, and at this time the little Tongtong, whose father was dead and mother was confined in the drug addiction treatment centre, came to He Nanjing’s life. As he was caring of Tongtong, he also began to understand what was the most important for his life.

The red Dowry
Fiction Film, 2008-2009, China
The Film describes a love story, which happened in a rich family located in South China at the beginning of last century. “The red dowry”, a sort of the bride’s status symbol in that extreme conservative society, induces a conflict between concerns for family reputation and pursuing freedom and true love.

Shanghai Baby
Fiction Film, 2006, with Berengar Pfahl Film GmbH (Germany)
Coco leads an intense life in the lively subculture of the boomtown Shanghai. It revolves around endless nights spent in the Shanghai club and art scene, sex, literature and the writing of her first novel. Her life takes an unexpectedly complicated turn when she suddenly feels attracted to two very opposite men. She is caught between Far-Eastern traditions and Western lifestyles, between romantic love and unbridled lust. Too late she discovers that she has succumbed to Mark. Losing both men and without any stable orientation, she errs through modern-day Shanghai, and only on a trip to Berlin she can recover herself.

Shanghai, Shanghai
TV Film, 2005, with Berengar Pfahl Film GmbH (Germany)
and SMG Shanghai Shanghai explores the tensions of a metropolis caught between tradition and progress. It shows you the city's cultural highlights, ecological disasters as well as its promising new approaches as they are watched closely all over the world by trend scouts and global players.

Shanghai Man, Shanghai Woman
Fiction Film, 2001, VHANS Film/TV Production
Their married life is like milk and water, until a beautiful girl comes into the sight of the husband. Jealousy and revenge break the peace of the family. Is everything just a coincidence or already under her control?

Su Zhou River
Fiction Film, 1999, with Essential Filmproduction GmbH (Germany)
The river Suzhou that flows through Shanghai is a reservoir of filth, chaos and poverty, but also a meeting place for memories and secrets. Mardar, a motorcycle courier in his mid-twenties, rides all over the city with all kinds of packages for his clients. He knows every inch and is successful thanks to the fact that he never asks questions. One day he is asked by a shady alcohol smuggler to deliver his sixteen-year-old daughter, Moudan, to her aunt. Mardar and Moudan grow fond of each other. But their tender happiness is disrupted when Moudan thinks that Mardar has kidnapped her for a ransom. She is so disappointed in him that she jumps off the bridge into the Suzhou River. Mardar is now suspected of murder¡­